A philosopher, political analyst, art critic, translator, publisher, and journalist. Shkëlzen Maliqi was the Director of the Center for Humanistic Studies “Gani Bobi '' Prishtina, Kosova for 20 years. He is the Editor in Chief of several periodicals published between 1986-1988, amongst them FJALA, magazine for art, culture and social issues 1989-1992: Thema, Journal of Association of Philosophers and Sociologists of Kosovo 1995-2011: MM - mixed magazine philosophy, literature, art, politics, etc. (24 issues); 2001-2002: Arta – monthly supplement for visual arts in weekly Java (12 issues).
He was an active part of the civil society especially in the years documented by Loca and will look into the journals to tentatively connect events and add witnessed truth to them.

Shkëlzen Maliqi was born in 1947 in Kosovo where he lives and works.